A Virtual Tour of the San Francisco Bay University Campus

San Francisco Bay University Building

Welcome to San Francisco Bay University! We are so proud to introduce you to our brand new campus, opened in January of 2022. Located in beautiful Fremont, California, our new campus reflects our status as one of the premier universities in San Francisco Metro. SFBU offers a remote learning environment for certain programs, but that does not mean we skimped on our in-person campus, which is beautiful, accommodating, and retrofitted for a 21st-century education.

Did you know that as of 2021, 54% of U.S.-based university students agreed or strongly agreed that their health and well-being were prioritized at the college or university they were attending? This may seem great, but that means almost half of the rest of the students surveyed said their health and well-being were not priorities. Here at SFBU, we are proud to provide a facility that comfortably falls within the 54% who feel like their health and well-being are prioritized, and our new campus reflects that.

Many of our campus improvements include hub-type areas that allow students to learn together in an accommodating and collaborative environment. After all, both professors and students want to have a comfortable place to learn, work, and have quality conversations about the programs they are in. But the question is: What are the specific improvements we have brought to our new, beautiful campus? Let’s take a deeper look into the new SFBU.

Learning Resource Center

Our new learning resource center is designed to provide students with a space to study, learn, and collaborate. SFBU’s learning resource center offers a self-learning environment, perfect for learning and mastery utilizing several different mediums, whether audio, visual, or otherwise. Information and computing technology have changed the way university learning centers operate, and ours is no exception. We draw upon the latest technologies to ensure our students have access to the information they need to become masters in their subjects.

New Computer Labs

As a university in California that offers programs in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, we want to make sure our students have high tech computer labs to utilize as they work on their programs. SFBU students can expect the latest high-speed computers, lightning fast fiber internet, and comfortable seats and desks. Even better, we provide multiple computer labs for students to use. That way, there is enough space for everyone who needs to use a computer to help them complete their studies.

Faculty Offices

Our faculty deserve only the best. Why? Because they provide the best education for SFBU students. Our fully renovated faculty offices provide everything our professors need to ensure our student body receives a first-class education. There is a reason we are one of the top-tier San Francisco universities, and this is reflected in our new faculty office design.

Cafe and Dining Hall

Students will have a hard time focusing on their studies if they are not well fed, hydrated, and enjoying access to a fully stocked cafe and dining area. We understand students attending California universities and colleges have a high expectation of the services they receive. That’s why here at SFBU, once COVID restrictions are lifted, we will proudly offer meal plans balanced with healthy proteins, vegetables, fruit, and starches. We will also have vending machines for quick eats and our dining areas have comfortable seating, bright lighting, and wide open spaces for students to get comfortable as they eat, talk, and collaborate. We’re looking forward to the lifting of COVID restrictions so SFBU students can safely enjoy the dining hall and cafe together!

Outdoor Quad

There is nothing like a little fresh air and sun after you’ve been studying hard inside our new campus. That’s why we designed our outdoor quad to provide a comfortable space for our students to relax in the warm San Francisco sun and air. It’s a comfortable green space with chairs, tables, and trees. It is the perfect space for students, faculty, and administrative staff alike to unwind after a long day of study and hard work.

Administrative Offices

Our fully redesigned administrative offices provide a perfect environment for our administrative staff. This is where our back-office personnel helps SFBU students get through the application process. Our administrative staff proudly helps students through their application process. Without them, From new desks and computers to wide open spaces, bright lighting and lots of windows, these are office spaces that administrative staff can be proud of!

Upgraded Classrooms

SFBU students attending class onsite can expect to learn in an environment that contains fixed and mobile seating, adequate lighting, plenty of space to move around, power outlets, and big boards that professors can use as they instruct the students. We’ve designed our classrooms with our student body in mind and we are convinced those that learn onsite will appreciate the effort we have put into our state-of-the-art classrooms.

New Lecture Hall

Students attending universities in the United States know that the lecture hall is a critical component of any learning environment. Here at SFBU, our new and improved lecture hall can be used not only for professorial lectures, but for special events, seminars, and workshops. With open stadium seating that can seat up to 70 people, and favorable acoustics, our new lecture hall will be perfect for students and professors alike. For pre- and post-event gatherings, the lecture hall opens into a large hallway perfect for long tables and areas for people to stand and mingle.

Quiet Study Area

San Francisco universities are full of the hustle and bustle of student activity. That’s why we wanted to make sure we provide SFBU students with a way to study in a quiet environment. Our quiet study area offers comfortable seating, soft lighting, and those who utilize it are encouraged to keep their talking and noise to a minimum. This is where SFBU students find a quiet place to study and gather their thoughts as they work on their SFBU programs.

Recreation and Student Lounge

Our recreation and student lounge is designed to provide students with a relaxing place to unwind, relax, and study. Whether you want to play foosball, kick back and relax, or have a meet-up with your fellow students, this is the perfect place to do it.

Here at SFBU, we have designed our spaces with students in mind. We have utilized a wide-open hub-style approach. This way, students have easy access to the space they need, whether it is the student lounge, dining hall, quiet study area. Our spaces are filled with light, high ceilings and windows to allow natural light in.

The San Francisco Bay University campus is located at 161 Mission Falls Lane in beautiful Fremont, California, 94539. Stop by and have a look at what makes our campus so special.