IEP Academic Calendar

SFBU is proud to offer an Intensive English Program for students who want to learn English quickly and effectively. With its location in the San Francisco Bay Area, an international hub, SFBU attracts many skilled and talented students from abroad who have grown up speaking a language other than English. SFBU’s Intensive English Program helps those students develop and refine their English skills so that they can gain a broad and universal skill set that will allow them to excel in a career in the Bay Area or beyond.
SFBU runs Intensive English Program courses for English language learners in 7.5-week sessions held six times per year. All courses meet for five hours each week, meaning there is a total of 37.5 hours of instruction for the entire course. Students enrolled full-time in four courses engage in 20 hours per week of instructional time.

Academic Calendar

Session Application Deadline for International Students Application Deadline for Local and Online Students New Student Orientation Start Date End Date
Spring 1 Oct 1, 2023 Dec 19, 2023 Jan 4, 2024 Jan 8, 2024 Feb 28, 2024
Spring 2 Dec 1, 2023 Feb 19, 2024 Feb 26, 2024 Feb 29, 2024 Apr 20, 2024
Summer 1 Feb 1, 2024 Apr 25, 2024 May 2, 2024 May 6, 2024 Jun 26, 2024