Student Spotlight: Aiswarya Robinson

Aiswarya Robinson Profile Picture


Aiswarya Robinson, Master of Science in Computer Science


This is San Francisco Bay University student, Aiswarya Robinson. Aiswarya is currently working towards her Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS) and is planning to graduate later this year (Fall 2022). She started her journey here a few years ago when she earned her Masters in Business Administration (MBA), which has been one of her favorite memories at the university so far.


After her MBA, Aiswarya got an opportunity to work as a data science intern, where she had to overcome her greatest challenge so far. With no computer science background, she became a self-taught data engineer. Fast forward and she now has five years of work experience in the field and is currently working as a data engineer at Genentech.


"Once I became a data engineer, I knew the degree I was holding (MBA) would not take me further in this field than I already was which led me to pursue my MSCS, which I hope will lead to more career opportunities in the future. One of the classes I took at SFBU during my MBA was a business analytics course which helped in my career journey, this made me pick SFBU once again."


In addition to the friendly staff and professors who have real-world experiences in the industry, one of Aiswarya’s favorite things about SFBU is the flexibility of courses which is suitable for working professionals like her. She has been able to pick courses that are manageable with her work schedule. Aiswarya is a hard-working and self-disciplined individual who manages being a data engineer and earning her MSCS by following a timeline to complete her assignments ahead of time.


After graduation, Aiswarya would like to continue working as a data engineer with the goal of becoming a data management lead in the future. Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities in the surrounding area. "SFBU is situated in the heart of the Silicon Valley, which is surrounded by big tech companies like Google, Meta, etc." In addition to her career and studies, Aiswarya enjoys reading psychological thriller books and writing.


San Francisco Bay University is incredibly proud to have such inspiring, hard-working individuals like Aiswarya Robinson as part of our student body!