Xin (Ellen) Wan, MSCS

Wan Xin Profile Picture


Meet Xin (Ellen) Wan. Ellen is currently working towards her Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS) and is planning to graduate this trimester (Spring 2022).


What encouraged you to select SFBU to pursue your higher studies?

“I earned my Master of Business Administration (MBA) a few years ago, here at SFBU. I came back because many of the university professors work at high-tech companies in the surrounding areas. They have rich practical experiences that are shared with the students. Many SFBU graduates end up working for major companies in Silicon Valley.”


What has been your favorite project?

“Most recently my favorite project has been the data modeling and implementation project which is the direction of my career development.”


What is the best part about going to school here?

“Connecting to the community again, the environment is very friendly.”


What do you like most about the surrounding area?

“Fremont is a big city in the San Francisco Bay Area/Silicon Valley which is a very good location. SFBU is close to downtown Fremont which is super convenient because it is close to the highway, supermarkets, and restaurants.”


What do you plan on doing after graduation?

“Find a job which I am really interested in and related to my background. Opportunities are endless around here.”


Any additional information you would like to share about your academic journey?

“I don’t have any background in Computer Science and when I first started this study it was incredibly challenging for me. Even now, I sometimes spend long hours coding, but I will never give up. I believe I can do it because the experts also start from the beginning.”