SFBU-AC Transit EasyPass Program


EasyPass - SFBU Cover

All full-time San Francisco Bay University (SFBU) students are eligible for the AC Transit SFBU EasyPass - the annual bus pass that allows students to go anywhere AC Transit goes - anytime!

EasyPass is great for your campus community, the environment, and your checkbook. The popular student benefit provides for an awesome discount. Compared to driving or purchasing your own transit passes, having an EasyPass can save you thousands of dollars a year, freeing up money for books, tuition, or anything else. Whether you use your EasyPass as back up transportation or use it every day, students can save big with EasyPass.

Passes are distributed to eligible students who have registered and signed the Pass Acceptance Form. The program uses the Clipper fare card with Photo ID. Your first EasyPass card will be available for pick-up at the San Francisco Bay University Administration Office usually at the start of the first trimester you qualify.

Full-time eligible students who attend all three trimesters (Summer, Fall and Spring) will have an active SFBU EasyPass all year long. SFBU's EasyPass will be automatically loaded onto your original EasyPass card every trimester that you qualify, so keep your card long-term.


For questions about eligibility, contact the SFBU EasyPass Site Coordinator

at Room 127 at 161 Mission Falls Ln, Fremont, CA, 94539. Hours: Monday-Friday, 9:00 A.M. - 5:30 P.M. You can also email easypass@sfbu.edu.


SFBU EasyPass Rules:

  • The Pass is valid on all AC Transit buses (local and transbay). The SFBU EasyPass is not valid on the Dumbarton Express (use Line U instead).
  • All Pass holders must tag their EasyPass on the Clipper card reader upon entering an AC Transit bus.
  • The Pass is valid only for the dates shown in your EasyPass welcome letter.
  • The Pass is not transferable or refundable, and will be revoked if used by anyone else; your card must be presented to AC Transit personnel for inspection upon request. AC Transit personnel have the right to confiscate your Clipper card if they feel the EasyPass is being used fraudulently.
  • Any attempt to transfer or sell the Pass may result in criminal charges; a fine of up to $250 (or community service) can be imposed for the misuse of your Pass with the intent to evade the payment of fares (California Penal Code 640). San Francisco Bay University may impose additional penalties.


Still Have Questions?  For Check out the following publications:

For help with your card, call Clipper toll-free at (877) 878-8883;  with your card number in hand and always identify yourself as an SFBU EasyPass participant.