Refund Policy

Students who withdraw by the end of the first week of class in a period of attendance will receive a full refund. Following the first week of class and up through completion of 75 percent of the period of attendance, students may withdraw from SFBU and obtain a pro-rata refund of unearned institutional charges. The tuition deposit fee is non-refundable.

SFBU shall refund any credit balance on the student’s account within 45 days after the date of the student’s completion of, or withdrawal from, the student’s educational program.

A withdrawal may be effectuated preferably by the student’s written notice, as described above under cancellation, or by the student’s conduct, including, but not necessarily limited to, a student’s lack of attendance, as further detailed below.

A student is deemed to have been withdrawn when any of the following occurs: (1) the student drops all enrolled courses in a period of attendance, (2) the student submits a written notice to withdraw through the portal, as described in the cancellation section, (3) SFBU suspends or expels the student due to misconduct, unsatisfactory academic performance, or overdue fees, (4) SFBU terminates an F-1 student for violation of U.S Department of Homeland Security regulations, (5) the student fails to return from a leave of absence, or (6) the student, without prior approval, fails to attend four consecutive classes for all enrolled courses in a period of attendance.


A student that drops one or more courses, but not all courses, will receive a pro-rata refund of tuition for the dropped courses.

Calculation of Refund

Refund amount = total paid by student – amount owed

Amount Owed = (total institutional charge / hours in the program) X hours attended or scheduled to attend prior to withdrawal