Scholarships and Grants

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    I would like to take a moment to tell you how honored and fortunate I feel to be a recipient of your scholarship. I rely heavily on scholarships to help finance my education. I appreciate the university because this scholarship will help me get one step closer to my goal of obtaining a master's degree in computer science. This scholarship means much to me not only because it helps me pay for school expenses, but also because I know I am being supported. Again, thank you for sponsoring my education. Your benevolence makes a massive difference in my computer science career."
    — Juilee Panse
    Academic Excellence Scholarship Recipient
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    "It is very humbling to receive the President’s scholarship from San Francisco Bay University. The scholarship has been helping me deal with unexpected problems in my life. My major is Computer Science so if something goes wrong with my laptop, I do not have a problem spending money to fix it or even getting a needed upgrade. Because of this scholarship, I can concentrate on aiming for success at San Francisco Bay University, and after I graduate. I will always be grateful for the gift that I received."
    — Mikaela Montaos
    President's Scholarship Recipient
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    "I am very glad that I have received the President’s scholarship from San Francisco Bay University. The scholarship has given me the great chance of pursuing a second master’s in MBA. I will always be grateful to SFBU for granting me such a wonderful scholarship. Besides the supportive climate, SFBU has very knowledgeable and dedicated professors who deeply care about the quality of our education. I really hope that I’d be able to join such a wonderful school after graduation"
    — Mohadeseh Khazaee
    2020 Fall MBA Student and a Housing Scholarship Recipient

Applying for a scholarship is as easy as


Select the Scholarship Option in your online application

Upload your
Scholarship Statement Scholarship/Personal statement - provide background and purpose for seeking the degree (tell us about yourself, your academic background, strengths/weaknesses, and career goals)
Letter(s) of Recommendation Letter(s) of Recommendation should be signed, dated, with contact information, and on school/company letterhead whenever possible. If you don't have the recommendation letters readily available to upload into your online application, ask your provider to email a signed and dated letter to

Receive a decision after the Scholarship Committee reviews your eligibility

  • SFBU Scholarships
    Domestic and International Applicants

    President’s Scholarship for California Community College (CCC) Transfer Students (Bachelors)

    President’s Scholarship - Bachelor's Degree (100% Tuition)

    President’s Scholarship - Master's Degree (100% Tuition)

    Housing Scholarship (100% Tuition + Free University Housing)

  • SFBU Grants
    Domestic and International Applicants

    SFBU Grant (75% Tuition)

    Minimum Eligibility for Consideration:
    • Applicants must be applying for
      • a bachelor’s degree in computer science (BSCS) or business administration (BSBA)


      • a master’s degree in computer science (MSCS), electrical engineering (MSEE), or business administration (MBA)
    • Standard admissions requirements for the relevant bachelor’s or master’s degree program.
    • The grant is limited to a cumulative total of 100 students per calendar year across all bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.
    • 75% tuition grant, awarded as a discount on the applicable tuition price prior to the beginning of each trimester in which the student is eligible for the grant.
    • The continued distribution of the grant is contingent on the completion of the program entered and degree earned.
    • The student is required to pay fees (approximately $400 per trimester).
    • The student is required to pay for health insurance (approximately $450 trimester) unless waived.
    • The grant is valid for tuition payments only. The grant has no cash value. Any unused grant will be forfeited.
    • The grant shall not exceed the program’s minimum total credits required for completion. Credits taken in excess of the amount required for completion will be charged at the applicable tuition rate
    • An undergraduate student is required to enroll in a minimum of 12 credits per trimester and a graduate student is required to enroll in a minimum of 9 credits per trimester (unless eligible for a trimester break). The minimum trimester GPA requirement for an undergraduate student is 2.0 while the minimum trimester GPA requirement for a graduate student is 3.0. In addition, a passing grade is required in all courses.
    • An undergraduate student must complete his or her program within 10 trimesters, excluding breaks, while a graduate student must complete his or her program within 4 trimesters, excluding breaks. A graduate student requiring prerequisites may be eligible for up to an additional 2 trimesters if circumstances warrant, as determined by the Scholarship Committee.
    • The student must maintain good standing with the university by upholding the university’s academic standards and integrity
    • The student is eligible to receive this grant only once (per degree level).
    • The student receiving this grant is not eligible for any other SFBU scholarships, with the exception that the student may qualify for the Outstanding Student Scholarship.
    • If the student is unable to meet any of the terms, the grant will be rescinded.
    • The university reserves the right to rescind a scholarship if it deems the decision to be in the best interest of the university.
  • Scholarship
    Continuing SFBU Students

    Outstanding Student Scholarship ($1,000)

    Tuition scholarships are awarded to current students in the fall trimester. Up to ten $1,000 scholarships are awarded to qualified students who are pursuing degrees at SFBU. Application for the scholarship must be received by the SFBU Scholarship Committee by the deadline - June 30th. The following are the qualifications:

    • The student must have completed at least two trimesters of coursework towards his/her degree goal at SFBU.
    • The student has maintained a cumulative GPA of at least 3.80 at SFBU.
    • The student must be recommended by at least one faculty member for the scholarship award.
    • The student must be in good standing with the University.
    • The student must be a contributing member of the SFBU Student Association or student extracurricular activities.
    • The student must be an active member in at least one professional society.
    • The student is required to submit a Statement of Purpose and give a presentation in an open forum to clearly state the student’s academic goals, service provided to the community or fellow schoolmates, personal qualities and skills obtained, and other points that the student chooses to make. The Scholarship Committee is responsible for arranging the presentation schedule.
    • The scholarship is applied towards tuition payment. No payments will be made directly to the student for any reason. Any refunds of tuition amount will not include scholarship awards. Any unused tuition scholarship awards will be forfeited back to SFBU.