Scholarships and Grants

  • It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me to receive the SFBU President’s Scholarship Award. Knowledgeable professors with industry experience, the scholarship award and good-hearted staffs are helping me tremendously in pursuing my dream and career goals in the United States of America. SFBU provides not only the most modern quality education but also prepares us for the essential life skills and the job market in Silicon Valley. To sum up, I’m so grateful to be one of the MSCS students at SFBU.”
    — Soe Wunna
    President's Scholarship
    Soe Wunna
  • I am so honored and humbled to be awarded the SFBU’s President Scholarship. The support from the scholarship will enable me to embrace the learning experience and stay focused on my success in the classroom. Furthermore, by emphasizing an interdisciplinary perspective on business theories and techniques, the distinguished faculty at SFBU will help augment my technical abilities with business acumen, sustainable strategies, and leadership skills. I feel my dreams of being an influencer who can cultivate a culture of acceptance and flexibility in an organization becoming more of a reality. I am forever grateful for your generosity."
    — Rekha Kannan
    President's Scholarship
    Rekha Profile
  • I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to you for making the free tuition and free housing possible. I was thrilled to learn of my selection for this honor, and I am deeply appreciative of your support. Thank you"
    — Randy Sylvester Kofi Nyamekye
    Housing & President's Scholarship
    Nyamekye, Randy Sylvester Kofi is standing on the stage with the flag of School of Business
  • I am so grateful that SFBU generously provided me with the President Scholarship and Housing Scholarship, which fully covered my tuition and housing. With scholarships, I can completely focus on my study to pursue a Master’s degree in Computer Science. Studying at SFBU is really wonderful. We have excellent professors, who give informative intellectual lectures and offer great guidance to students. We also have helpful staff members, who really care about students’ learning experience and always provide us timely assistance in both study and life."
    — Ling Chen
    Housing & President's Scholarship
    Ling Chen Testimonial Profile
  • I applied and got admitted! The admission process was as smooth as a cold glass of milk moving down my throat. Most importantly, I was awarded the President Scholarship! San Francisco Bay University has given me the opportunity to pursue my career goals and a chance to reach my full academic potential. I highly appreciate San Francisco Bay University for allowing me this life-changing opportunity."
    — Christian Clarke
    Housing & President's Scholarship
    Christian Clarke
  • Hello, I am Nidhi Agrawal. I worked as Deputy Vice President in a Bank in India prior to my admission in SFBU. I have been planning to pursue an MBA for five years. But the onerous process to get into that, was pushing me back. I was really thrilled to know that I was awarded a scholarship. I could skip the loan application process to study stress-free from financial burden. I am thankful to SFBU that it is helping me in attaining my professional goals."
    — Nidhi Agrawal
    Housing & President's Scholarship
    Nidhi Agrawal Testimonial Profile
  • I am passionate about using my knowledge to help businesses thrive in Africa and in my home country Nigeria. Thus far, at SFBU, I am exposed to practical approaches, tools, and knowledge on how to help any business become sustainable and profitable globally. This is possible because of the SFBU Presidential Scholarship I received. Thanks to SFBU for this opportunity, now I can help businesses in Africa."
    — Onaolapo Oluyimide
    President's Scholarship
    Onaolapo Oluyimide
  • I am honored to have received the President's Scholarship from San Francisco Bay University. I am convinced that SFBU's MBA program will foster my continued growth and exposure to new ideas. For this reason, the scholarship means immense support that will allow me to attain the knowledge and skills required to excel in my professional field.”
    — Julio Cesar Camacho Ibanez
    President's Scholarship
    Camacho Ibanez, Julio Cesar
  • Studying MBA has always been one of my bucket lists to kickstart my own business one day in the future. Coming far from a Southeast Asian country, Malaysia, I do feel grateful for the Presidential & Housing Scholarship granted by SFBU as it not only eases my financial burden but also provides me a step towards my dream. On top of that the friendly campus surroundings and accommodating staff also smoothen the process of settling in the new environment soon enough. ”
    — Chor Mun Look
    Housing & President's Scholarship
    Chor Mun Look

Applying for a scholarship is as easy as


Select the Scholarship Option in your online application

Upload your
Scholarship Statement Scholarship/Personal statement - provide background and purpose for seeking the degree (tell us about yourself, your academic background, strengths/weaknesses, and career goals)
Letter(s) of Recommendation Letter(s) of Recommendation should be signed, dated, with contact information, and on school/company letterhead whenever possible. If you don't have the recommendation letters readily available to upload into your online application, ask your provider to email a signed and dated letter to

Receive a decision after the Scholarship Committee reviews your eligibility

  • SFBU Scholarships
    Domestic and International Applicants

    President’s Scholarship for California Community College (CCC) Transfer Students (Bachelors)

    President’s Scholarship - Bachelor's Degree (100% Tuition)

    President’s Scholarship - Master's Degree (100% Tuition)

    Housing Scholarship (100% Tuition + Free University Housing)

  • SFBU Grants
    Domestic and International Applicants

    SFBU Grant (75% Tuition)

    Minimum Eligibility for Consideration:
    • Applicants must be applying for
      • a bachelor’s degree in computer science (BSCS) or business administration (BSBA)


      • a master’s degree in computer science (MSCS), electrical engineering (MSEE), or business administration (MBA)
    • Standard admissions requirements for the relevant bachelor’s or master’s degree program.
    • The grant is limited to a cumulative total of 100 students per calendar year across all bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.
    • 75% tuition grant, awarded as a discount on the applicable tuition price prior to the beginning of each trimester in which the student is eligible for the grant.
    • The continued distribution of the grant is contingent on the completion of the program entered and degree earned.
    • The student is required to pay fees (approximately $400 per trimester).
    • The student is required to pay for health insurance (approximately $450 trimester) unless waived.
    • The grant is valid for tuition payments only. The grant has no cash value. Any unused grant will be forfeited.
    • The grant shall not exceed the program’s minimum total credits required for completion. Credits taken in excess of the amount required for completion will be charged at the applicable tuition rate
    • An undergraduate student is required to enroll in a minimum of 12 credits per trimester and a graduate student is required to enroll in a minimum of 9 credits per trimester (unless eligible for a trimester break). The minimum trimester GPA requirement for an undergraduate student is 2.0 while the minimum trimester GPA requirement for a graduate student is 3.0. In addition, a passing grade is required in all courses.
    • An undergraduate student must complete his or her program within 10 trimesters, excluding breaks, while a graduate student must complete his or her program within 4 trimesters, excluding breaks. A graduate student requiring prerequisites may be eligible for up to an additional 2 trimesters if circumstances warrant, as determined by the Scholarship Committee.
    • The student must maintain good standing with the university by upholding the university’s academic standards and integrity
    • The student is eligible to receive this grant only once (per degree level). Exception: this requirement does not apply to U.S. domestic students.
    • The student receiving this grant is not eligible for any other SFBU scholarships, with the exception that the student may qualify for the Outstanding Student Scholarship.
    • If the student is unable to meet any of the terms, the grant will be rescinded.
    • The university reserves the right to rescind a scholarship if it deems the decision to be in the best interest of the university.
  • Scholarship
    Continuing SFBU Students

    Outstanding Student Scholarship ($1,000)

    Tuition scholarships are awarded to current students in the fall trimester. Up to ten $1,000 scholarships are awarded to qualified students who are pursuing degrees at SFBU. Application for the scholarship must be received by the SFBU Scholarship Committee by the deadline - June 30th. The following are the qualifications:

    • The student must have completed at least two trimesters of coursework towards his/her degree goal at SFBU.
    • The student has maintained a cumulative GPA of at least 3.80 at SFBU.
    • The student must be recommended by at least one faculty member for the scholarship award.
    • The student must be in good standing with the University.
    • The student must be a contributing member of the SFBU Student Association or student extracurricular activities.
    • The student must be an active member in at least one professional society.
    • The student is required to submit a Statement of Purpose and give a presentation in an open forum to clearly state the student’s academic goals, service provided to the community or fellow schoolmates, personal qualities and skills obtained, and other points that the student chooses to make. The Scholarship Committee is responsible for arranging the presentation schedule.
    • The scholarship is applied towards tuition payment. No payments will be made directly to the student for any reason. Any refunds of tuition amount will not include scholarship awards. Any unused tuition scholarship awards will be forfeited back to SFBU.


John Odebode Scholarship Quote
— John Odebode
Housing & President's Scholarship

In 2021, I decided to pursue a master’s degree in business administration after working as a Supply Chain Analyst for 5+ years. I secured admission to study for an MBA at SFBU and was awarded the President’s Scholarship which covers my full tuition and significant accommodation costs. This gesture demonstrates SFBU's commitment to rewarding academic excellence and attracting bright minds. I started the program in Spring 2022. The industry-focused curriculum at SFBU is providing me with real-world knowledge for an impactful career