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Choose to study at San Francisco Bay University, School of Business, you not only have the opportunity to accelerate your career path, increase your marketability and competitiveness, but benefit from the location in the heart of the Silicon Valley area which is one of the greatest places to start your business.

Julio Camacho, a MBA student at San Francisco Bay University

Alumni Spotlight

“I really like the diverse community and how the students are from all different parts of the world at SFBU, and I think that is the most interesting part… the sharing of experiences and perspectives is very rich.”

- Master of Business Administration program, Julio Camacho

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Our Programs

The educational programs prepare individuals to make sustained contributions to organizations and society in a global, diverse, and dynamic environment, focusing on developing an individual’s interdisciplinary problem-solving skills, interpersonal and communication skills, ability to adapt to changing information technology and business environments, entrepreneurial innovations, and ethical and professional values. Successful completion requires an understanding of not only the required business subjects but also modern information systems and internet technology pertinent to e-business applications.

Please note: We are currently unable to accept applications from international students for the Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBan) degree at this time. We will update our website when this changes.


Professor Reginald Duhe with his students are in the business class at San Francisco Bay University

Our Faculty

At San Francisco Bay University, all our business faculty members possess the following qualities: advanced degrees earned in business disciplines, work experience relevant to their teaching subjects, and enthusiasm for teaching and helping students. To increase our students’ learning effectiveness, they bring their multidisciplinary, real-world experience to the classrooms as well as use case studies to stimulate the students’ minds and exemplify various lecture topics.

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Our friendly and professional staff are standing by to help make your transition to SFBU as easy and convenient as possible. We look forward to serving your educational and professional development needs.