Records Office

The records office at SFBU provides services to all faculty, students, staff and alumni

Important Dates


15 Fall semester application deadline for international students


17 - 22 Mid-term exams


1 - 6 Check point – student counseling


Academic Records

  • Verification of Enrollment or Degree
    • 1. Third parties, such as employers and creditors, must email requests to The following is required:
      • Student’s full name during the period of attendance
      • Student’s date of birth
      • Authorized release/consent form
    • For additional information about verification, please contact or 510-803-7328 Ext. 2
  • Transferring Credits from Other Institutions to SFBU

    Course credit earned at other institutions of higher education may be transferable. All previous official transcripts are required.

    • The SFBU Admissions Office must receive all official transcripts prior to the student’s joining a degree program.
    • The student must have been officially enrolled in the course(s) to be transferred.
    • Courses eligible for transfer will be evaluated based on similarity to SFBU’s courses, with respect to content, quality, and rigor.
  • Changing Program or Curriculum

    Visit the SFBU Portal for details on how to submit your request to change Program or Curriculum.

  • Transcripts

    A printed academic transcript presents course, unit, grade, and degree information on security paper.

    • Ordering an Official Transcript

      Official academic transcripts can be ordered online through the SFBU Portal. Transcript orders may not be faxed or sent electronically.

    • Authorizing an Agent

      A student may authorize another person to pick up the official academic transcript by sending an email to the Records Office at The authorized agent must appear in person at the Registrar’s Office with a photo ID in order to pick up the transcript.

  • Skill or Experience Verification Request

    Please send an email including either an official letter from the U.S. Immigration Office (an RFE) or a formal request letter from the attorney who processed the application for us.

Academic Advising

Academic Advising provides academic guidance throughout a program of study, and helps students understand SFBU curricula. Advisors will help students with choosing majors, concentrations, and individual courses. Academic advisors are here for you from the start of your program at SFBU.

Reasons to Seek Academic Advising
  • To review your study plan
  • To get assistance with semester registration
  • To discuss credit transfer
  • To get advice on probation matters
Benefits of Academic Advising
  • To develop an educational plan to reach your educational goals
  • To understand academic policies and procedures
  • To discuss personal interests and professional goals
  • To access academic and student support services and resources
The staff members are discussing around the table at SFBU San Francisco Bay University


  • Semester Break Request

    Students who wish to take a semester break, and are eligible, must register for the semester break through their Student Portal. Students may take a break only upon approval. Failure to comply with this procedure may lead to withdrawal from the university.

    Notice to F-1 Students: Failure to comply with this procedure will lead to withdrawal from the university and auto-termination of your SEVIS record.

  • Schedule of Classes
    Info! Current SFBU students must check the detailed class schedule on their student portal.
    Please review the Registration Policy and Procedures before registering for classes.


    Summer 2024 (05/06/2024 - 08/17/2024)


  • Excessive Course Load Request
    • Students must have completed at least two semesters in their current program.
    • Student’s CGPA must meet the requirements.
    • Students cannot have failed a course in the past two semesters.
    • Visit the SFBU Portal for details on how to request excessive course load.
  • Withdrawal Course Request

    Visit the SFBU Portal for details on how to submit your request to withdrawal course.

  • Leave of Absence Request

    Students who are ineligible for a semester break may request a Leave of Absence, which must be done through the Student Portal. Requests must be approved by administration before the leave is taken; otherwise, the student may be withdrawn from the university. Leave(s) of Absence may not exceed a cumulative total of three semesters during the course of study at that program level. Such Leave of Absence time must be requested on a semester basis. If the student fails to register for classes or fails to request an additional Leave of Absence prior to the end of the initial leave, the student will be withdrawn from the university.

    Notice to F-1 Students:
    International students (those with F-1 immigration status) must follow immigration rules, and thus should seek the advice of an International Student Advisor before taking a Short-Term Absence or a Leave of Absence. In general, students must maintain a full-time course of study to maintain their immigration status. A Short-Term Absence is considered a brief leave amounting to no more than three consecutive class meetings per course. Short-Term Absences and Leaves of Absence must be formally requested through the Student Portal. Students must have a valid reason for the absence, and are required to inform their instructors and obtain permission. Administration must give final approval before the absence is taken.


Phone: 510-803-7328 Ext. 2