Student Spotlight: Krumil Patel

Krumil Patel Spotlight


Krumil Patel, Master of Business Administration (MBA)


Meet Krumil Patel. Krumil is working towards his Master of Business Administration (MBA) and is currently in his second trimester at SFBU, while planning to graduate at the end of the year (Fall 2022).


Krumil grew up in India and moved to the U.S. in 1998. While attending Ohlone College, he earned a degree in C++ Programming. Krumil started his career as an assembler and during that time he learned management skills such as motivating others, dealing with conflict, and planning and organizing.


Back when Krumil was living in India, he used to do seasonal business and this inspired him to go back to school to earn a degree in business. “I enjoy working with team members and leading the team. As a manager, you can create a great environment for your team. You can influence everything from employee turnover to your team's engagement and productivity. I’ve learned how to appreciate and connect with people of other cultures.” Krumil believes this background will offer him a unique perspective as he pursues this career path in business.


One of Krumil’s greatest challenges thus far has been going back to school to continue his education. "I wanted to continue my education for further growth in my career, so I started looking for universities in the U.S. that offered a master’s degree program. I found SFBU’s curriculum had a concentration area for business management and a great tuition fee structure. The faculty’s profile was also impressive, which helped make up my mind to study at SFBU. SFBU is located near my house, which was great for me to commute."


In addition to SFBU’s programs and ideal location, some of Krumil’s favorite things about attending SFBU are learning from professors who have real experience in the industry and making new friends. He enjoys taking classes with Dr. Chu and Dr. Nysather. "Dr. Chu is very knowledgeable when it comes to accounting/finance/taxation etc.… Recently I worked on a project to invest 100K and come up with a best-diversified portfolio. I learned a lot by doing the case study and made a few changes to my 401K account to minimize risk to save more for my retirement. Dr. N. is very knowledgeable about business/marketing/HR/operation management related fields. He has always been supportive to his students by motivating us to do our best in class and providing timely feedback. I have learned a lot from taking his classes and have implemented that knowledge into my management skills."


Krumil’s goal is to attain a career where he can use his specialized management skills combined with his strong business background to help organizations implement improvements/innovation to achieve their technology and business goals. His dream career is Director of Operations. "As I look to the future, I know that I want to become a Director of Operations… The business school at SFBU places a large focus on sustainability. That is one aspect that drew me to the university and excites me about being a student body member."


One of Krumil’s proudest moments was earning the President’s Scholarship. When asked how this scholarship has impacted his journey, Krumil said: "This scholarship has certainly strengthened my opportunity to take multiple classes which I was not able to pay for due to my financial burden. The scholarship did help me further my professional training and certification goals that I have set for myself... Being less stressed about college fees will allow me to focus more of my attention in class to earn the credits, and not worry about how I’m going to pay for the class."


In addition to his studies, Krumil comes from a loving and supportive family that taught him that values and principles should always be a priority. He has been married for 17 years to his wife and they have a son together. His family has always been his greatest motivation in life. Krumil enjoys watching sports, doing outdoor activities with friends and family, meeting people and making new friends, listening to old romantic Hindi songs, and volunteering at temple. After graduation, Krumil would like to continue furthering his education and look for better opportunities in his career. Ten years from now, Krumil sees himself in a leadership position specifically in the operation/production department of an organization.


San Francisco Bay University is proud to have such inspirational and hard-working students like Krumil as a part of our student body. Best wishes to Krumil on the rest of his educational journey!