Group of students at SFBU

Students from Amethod Public Schools visit San Francisco Bay University

Choosing the right college can take a lot of research, and sometimes the best method is to see campus firsthand. About 30 students from Amethod Public Schools visited San Francisco Bay University to see the school’s excellent offerings for themselves on Feb. 22.

SFBU’s Senior Director for Outreach Evelia Villa organized the trip for the students from Oakland Charter High School and John Henry High School. Before coming to SFBU, Villa was a principal and CEO of Amethod Public Schools.

“I've known some of those students since third grade,” Villa said.

Some of her students have gone on to schools such as Georgetown and MIT, but she said some are drawn to a smaller school environment in a familiar, local setting.

“Some students might not need a big university with Greek life and a giant football field,” Villa said. “They might just want to come somewhere like SFBU, which is smaller and slightly more intimate. SFBU can be a school of choice for our young adults.”

Students received a tour of the facilities and heard presentations from faculty, staff, and alumni on topics including clubs, student life, credits, majors, and scholarships. The day ended with a Q&A with President Nicholas Ladany, Ph.D.

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