Personal Counseling

SFBU's Counseling Office helps students manage a host of issues. These might include interpersonal relationships, cultural problems, lack of confidence or self-esteem, and myriad other concerns. All counseling sessions are confidential and function as safe spaces without judgment. Students who require care beyond the SFBU counseling program's scope are referred to counseling at SFBU’s partner, ACI (

The Counseling Office also provides students with academic performance tips, strategies for coping with test anxiety or university life in general, and related help with their educational journey. As a premier bay area university, SFBU wants students to feel comfortable asking questions and getting advice from the counseling office. If students feel anxious about falling behind or not meeting goals,SFBU recommends counseling sessions to help them set reasonable goals and get back on track. The counselors are here to help with any issue that might restrict students' ability to succeed at SFBU.