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  • Housing Scholarship

    Housing Scholarship

    San Francisco Bay University grants a scholarship awarding free SFBU-owned housing (two consecutive trimesters) to approved qualified Presidential Scholarship recipients in the bachelor’s degree programs.

    Minimum Eligibility for Consideration:
    • Standard admission requirements and satisfaction of minimum requirements of the Presidential Scholarship applicable to the program for which the applicant is applying; PLUS satisfaction of the following criteria:
      • Minimum cumulative grade point average 3.50 on a 4.00 scale.
        • Freshmen applicants (Bachelor’s): High school CGPA
        • Transfer applicants (Bachelor’s) (30 or more transferable units): College level CGPA
      • Minimum English proficiency score (for non-native English speakers) on any of the following:
        • TOEFL - 80 (iBT)
        • TOEFL Essentials - 8.5 band
        • IELTS (Academic) - 6.5 band
        • PTE Academic - 64
        • iTEP Academic - 4.2
        • English proficiency requirement met based on the standard admissions requirements.
    • The housing scholarship may be limited in number, available on a first-come-first-serve basis, and is subject to continued availability of housing. Minimum eligibility does not guarantee a scholarship. The university reserves the right to deny an application for any reason.
    • All terms applicable to the relevant Presidential Scholarship (Bachelor’s) apply. If a student with a Presidential Scholarship fails to adhere to its terms, the student’s Housing Scholarship will be rescinded.
    • Housing is limited and thus, the housing scholarship is contingent on the housing availability and a spot is not guaranteed until it is confirmed by the Housing department.
    • Once granted, the Housing Scholarship is only available for a period of two consecutive trimesters, beginning in the trimester during which a student commences the student’s course of study. In the event the student does not enroll in classes in any of the subsequent consecutive trimesters or takes a trimester break, the university shall have the right, but not the obligation, to extend the Housing Scholarship such that the student receives the scholarship for two full non-consecutive trimesters. The university’s right may be exercised in the university’s sole discretion.
    • A student granted a Housing Scholarship will be expected to share living facilities with other students and shall have no discretion as to who is housed with them. A student is not guaranteed his or her own room and, depending on the demand for housing, may be required to share a room with another student. The university reserves the right to assign roommates.
    • At the university’s sole discretion, a student who has been granted a Housing Scholarship may be moved and relocated to a different residence at any time, which may be of a different size, location, and arrangement from the student’s prior residence.
    • The scholarship is valid for housing payments only. The scholarship has no cash value. Any unused portion of housing payments will be forfeited.
    • While living in university housing, students must abide by all SFBU Housing Regulations, Rules and Policies. Failure in this regard may result in a loss of the Housing Scholarship and a forfeiture of housing eligibility.
    • The United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) generally treats scholarships in excess of the cost of tuition, such as scholarships for housing, as taxable income. Students receiving the Housing Scholarship are advised to discuss any potential tax implications with their tax professional. SFBU will comply with all IRS rules and regulations, including with respect to tax withholding and end-of-year tax reporting.
  • President’s Scholarship

    President’s Scholarship for California Community College (CCC) Transfer Students (Bachelors)

    San Francisco Bay University grants a full tuition scholarship to approved qualified transfer applicants who have completed their Associate degree or have up to 60 transferable credits from a California Community College (CCC).

    Note: Qualified CCC transfer students with less than 60 transferable credits can apply for other scholarships and grants available for bachelor students.

    President’s Scholarship - Bachelor's Degree (100% Tuition)

    San Francisco Bay University grants a full tuition scholarship to approved qualified applicants in the bachelors programs.

  • SFBU Grants

    SFBU Grant for Domestic Students

    San Francisco Bay University Grants are awarded to approved qualified domestic applicants in the bachelor’s degree programs.

    SFBU Grant for International Students

    San Francisco Bay University Grants are awarded to approved qualified international (F-1 and other non-F1) applicants in the bachelor’s degree programs.


Ms. Manmeet Kaur Scholarship Quote
— Manmeet Kaur
Housing & President's Scholarship

Emerson once said, 'Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.' These words resonate as I thank San Francisco Bay University for granting me the prestigious President Scholarship. This scholarship isn't just financial support; it's a beacon of hope, fueling my passion for knowledge and innovation. It has transformed my academic journey, allowing me to dedicate myself fully to my studies without financial worry. The weight lifted off my shoulders has provided clarity, enabling me to immerse myself in my coursework, research, and personal projects. This scholarship is my ticket to fully embrace the realm of computer science, to refine my skills, and to strive for excellence. With the peace of mind, it provides, I can focus, learn, and grow. I eagerly look forward to giving back to this institution and society, using my education to make a meaningful difference. Thank you for believing in me and investing in my potential. I am enthusiastic and excited to embark on this educational adventure, knowing that with your support, the future is boundless